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Willow Creek Church Main Campus, South Barrington – Compassion and Justice Ministries 

Feb 4, 2023

Guest Speakers for the Prison, Jail & Re-entry Monthly Connection Gathering 

Bryan and I were the guest speakers Saturday, February 4th at Willow Creek Church Main Campus, South Barrington in support of their Compassion and Justice Ministries. We are very grateful to Anne Rand (Compassion & Justice Ministries & Partnership Manager) for inviting us and giving us an opportunity to share information about our nonprofit organization and our family’s story of addiction and the journey to recovery. It’s difficult to express what it feels like to speak so openly about something we kept private for so long. Now we share our story in hopes to inspire others and let them know they are not alone!  

For more information about the Compassion and Justice Ministry click on the link below: 

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