Be a Mentor

Support and Guidance Makes a Difference

We believe individuals benefit from the guidance of mentors who
inspire and support them in their continued journey in recovery.

We provide a range of professional leaders to present workshops and
share their individual journey of success.
They then can mentor those that are interested in their profession.

Looking back at your own personal experience, you may have had someone you looked up to,
asked for advice and counted on for feedback in different situations.
So why not consider doing the same for someone else who could benefit from your expertise?
Individuals often need someone to support and guide them
in their career path and that someone could be you!

Stages of Transformation is looking for leaders from a variety of professions
to share with a group information about his or her own career path,
as well as provide guidance, motivation, emotional support, and is a role model.

As a mentor you will provide insight into the specific steps needed to pursue their chosen career path.
Mentors can also assist with setting goals, developing contacts, and identifying resources.
They encourage the mentee(s) to work towards their own individual goals
and are a motivating guide for the mentee(s) along their journey.

According to US News and World Report – There are 5 reasons you’ll benefit from helping a mentee:

  • Learn new things– Every generation has their strengths, and mentor relationships are a great way to learn from one another so we can all improve our professional and personal lives.
  • Share your knowledge with a young professional – Even if you’ve never wanted to be a teacher, sharing your knowledge with someone else can be empowering.
  • Build additional professional relationships – A mentor-mentee relationship offers different benefits than other acquaintance-like relationships. You’re certainly more connected to your mentee than other networking contacts. Not only can your mentee introduce you to people to add to your network, but you can do the same for them.
  • Develop leadership and management skills – Becoming a mentor can help you learn how to oversee and guide others. Discover how to manage others and tap into your leadership abilities through advising a mentee.
  • Give back to your industry – Mentoring is an opportunity to help individuals improve their skills, continue their education, and become better at their jobs. Not only does it help your industry, but it can also make you feel good by helping someone else.


Be a Mentor and Make a Connection!

Below are some of the expectations and time commitments you can anticipate when becoming a Mentor for Stages of Transformation:

  • How often should you expect to lead a workshop?
    (monthly, quarterly, yearly?) On average you can expect to provide a workshop 2 to 6 times per year depending on your given profession.
  • How long should you expect your workshop to last?
    On average I would plan for an hour or so. It will depend on the number of attendees, as well has how many questions the group might have for you.
  • What is the time commitment per week or per month with the mentee(s)?
    Once you have presented your workshop and you have your group of mentees you will sent up monthly sessions.
  • How long should a mentoring session last?
    Most meetings last between an hour or two, but it is up to you and the size of your group. The session can take many different forms. You can choose to have an agenda or be more free flowing. Plan each meeting for a minimum of one hour. After six months meetings can become less regimented and can occur as needed. It may be easiest to set monthly meetings for the same time each month for ease of scheduling.
  • What should a mentee expect from a mentor?
    A mentee should expect a mentoring relationship based on trust, confidentiality, mutual respect, and sensitivity. Mentoring requires clear boundaries between the mentor and mentee which both parties should be involved in agreeing.


If you are interested in becoming a mentor for Stages of Transformation, please complete the following information:

Help Us Help Others

There are several ways to offer your support to Stages of Transformation.
Whether it is your Time, Talent or Treasure, your contribution
will open doors of opportunity to those in their recovery journey and truly make a difference.


Your donations help to support our resource center in McHenry County that provides a safe environment with the necessary guidance, resources, and support for individuals to continue in their recovery journey and transform into the best version of themselves.


We are always on the lookout for great volunteers.

When you volunteer it gives you the opportunity to connect to your community and make a difference.
Helping others can make you feel happier and healthier and provides a natural sense of accomplishment.

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