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Coleen Fuchs

Colleen Fuchs, Founder & President of Stages of Transformation, Inc.

I have been in the education sector for over 30 years, spanning from Early Childhood Education to Higher Education. Throughout those years I learned that what I enjoyed most from the positions I held was building relationships, mentoring, and developing people. As I came to the peak of my career, I realized that something was missing. I was not as happy as I thought I should be. In both my personal and professional life, I strived to live by these guiding principles: Do the Right Thing, Help Each Other, Keep your Promise & Make a Difference. I felt that there was something else I was supposed to be doing. I worked so hard to get where I was in my career and wasn’t happy or feeling a sense of fulfillment. I was so inspired by my son Bryan’s journey to sobriety, I wondered how I could help or get involved.

On New Year’s Day 2018, it came to me. I wanted to get involved in the recovery process. My passion, coupled with my background, helped me to realize I wanted to help by opening Sober Living Homes that provided educational resources, mentors, guidance, as well as health & wellness. The FEAR of Change and the Unknown was holding me back from moving forward. Life happens, things change for a reason, and the time was now for me to take that Leap of Faith and Believe in myself. I realized that both my personal and professional journeys were preparing me, creating the stepping stones leading me down this path. My own challenges during my son’s addiction and recovery journey changed me and the trajectory of my life. Living through those struggles, I believe now that I can use my guiding principles to truly make a difference in others’ lives. That moment was the beginning of my own personal transformation. Finally, I was willing to push through my own Fears, be Uncomfortable and take a Leap of Faith. That is how Stages of Transformation, Inc. was created.

Coleen Fuchs
Bryan Fuchs

Bryan Fuchs, Co-Founder and Manager of Stages of Transformation, Inc.

As a child, I was always interested in anything that had an engine. As the years went on and I met people in and outside of the field, I was introduced to drugs and alcohol. It started with mostly smoking pot and having a beer or some sort of pills. As I continued down the path of using, I was finding that nothing was ever good enough for what I was looking for. I started taking hallucinogens and really anything I could get my hands on, and then what became my DOC (drug of choice), Heroin.

When in active addiction, I didn’t like that all my income was going toward feeding my habit. I would not sell what I used most knowing the risk. I would then sell pot to pay for my drugs and keep my paycheck for a car and to show my parents that I was saving money and didn’t have to explain why I didn’t have any money in the bank. This eventually, as it always does, caught up to me and I was in legal trouble. Now we hit the turn in the road of my life plans. I was looking at prison time for the choices in life I made. I had a choice that I could go to prison or join a mental health court program in McHenry county. At first, I accepted the program to get me out of jail. I would go to treatment and get everything taken care of for court and go back to what I do best, right? Using was the easy way for me to deal with life. After going to treatment, I was a drug addict not an alcoholic. I would come home, and drink was my plan.

Then while in treatment someone gave me the “Big Book” (Alcoholics Anonymous Book). They asked me, “What do you have to lose by reading the first 164 pages?”. I do not like to read at all. In spite of that, I started reading. And 3 days later came the turning point in my life. I started to attend AA meetings and listen to what the men and women would say. After some time, I found my sponsor and got to work. My sobriety date is 7/11/17.

After working the 12 steps with my sponsor and sharing with my family as I went through the steps, I started working with newcomers working the steps, which many of the guys were living in sober living homes. The brotherhood the guys in the house developed, I feel I missed out on. I shared what I came to realize with my family. It was at this point, and giving back to the program, my mom Colleen Fuchs and I thought about the need for additional sober living homes in our community and adding educational resources and guidance for the future of life after getting sober. This is when Stages of Transformation became an idea and then in December of 2020 became a reality.

As I reflect back on my story, I can’t help but think about and remember the gift of a new way of life that the program has given me. I am excited to see what this will bring to our community and be able to help others new to recovery see, that with help and guidance, there is no limit to what we can do when we remain sober and fight for a better way of life.

Catherine Slovick

Director of Fundraising – Catherine Slovick

I have worked with various nonprofit organizations donating my time and expertise in many ways to raise awareness, funds, and an appreciation for each organization. These include the Magical Strings of Youth Music School, Buffalo Grove, Illinois, Jubilation at James, St. James Church and School, Arlington Heights, Illinois, and The Benefit Ball for Advocate Aurora Medical Center, Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Many of these organizations required creative funding for wishlists, department needs, capital expenses, medical equipment, training, operating costs, and expansion projects.

Recognizing the need for a community of togetherness that a Sober Living Home provides has led me to this new project. Stages of Transformation is an important and needed resource and it will bring me great gratification to be able to contribute my experiences and expertise to aid in its success. 

Michael Tyler Slovick

Treasurer – Michael Tyler Slovick

I have spent the last 15 years of my career advising for-profit and nonprofit healthcare companies spanning health systems, health insurance, and retail pharmacy industry segments. I specialize in corporate and business strategic planning, growth and product strategy, operational excellence, and retail health and well-being. Currently I serve as Managing Director for a global professional services organization, with responsibility for leading a portfolio of healthcare strategy and consulting engagements. Additionally, I directly serve as a consulting client lead for one of the largest nonprofit health insurance organizations in the US.

Makenna Herrin

Board Member & Substance Use Counselor – Makenna Delgrosso

I specialize in working with individuals suffering from substance use disorders, crisis management, and those with trauma backgrounds. While working with these special populations, a collaborative effort is placed on identifying clients’ strengths, building client empowerment, and diminishing the barriers clients face on day to day. I have been fortunate enough to witness the lifelong changes individuals can make when given access to appropriate resources, stable environments, and continued peer support.

Joining the board of Stages of Transformation allows me to bring my expertise to an organization that values my same beliefs. I witness how the epidemic of addiction cannot be resolved entirely on an individual level. By providing increased access to resources and opportunities, individuals once suffering from addiction can work to reach their full potential, with the community benefiting as a direct result.

Joyce Brooks

Board Member & Secretary – Joyce Brooks

I have recently retired from a 30-year career in banking with BMO Harris Bank. I worked directly with the clients in Branches for years and spent the last 10 years of my career in Mortgage and Consumer Lending Operations.

While being a full-time working Mom of two, I have been active in volunteerism over the years. My experiences range from having worked with Kiwanis Club of Barrington, the PTO for my children’s elementary school, the Booster Club during their High School years, Habitat for Humanity and BMO’s annual Volunteer Day.

After retirement I was able to spend more time serving others. I have worked with Sherman Hospital and The Salvation Army in Elgin. Currently I am a volunteer for Cal’s Angels as well as the Fox Valley Food for Health in St. Charles, IL.

I’ve known Colleen since High School and knew of their families struggle with Bryan’s addiction and his journey towards sobriety.

I listened to Colleen talk about what was first an idea and now has become her life’s work. I am honored to have been a sounding board, cheerleader, and close friend along the way. I offered to help with the inaugural gala in any way that I could and was thrilled to see it come to a reality. All the above and seeing the need for additional mental health services all around us during the pandemic made me step up and ask to be considered for the position of Secretary of the Board for Stages of Transformation. I look forward to bringing my professional and volunteer experiences to Stages and will do all I can in support of their mission.

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There are several ways to offer your support to Stages of Transformation.
Whether it is your Time, Talent or Treasure, your contribution
will open doors of opportunity to those in their recovery journey and truly make a difference.


Your donations help to support our resource center in McHenry County that provides a safe environment with the necessary guidance, resources, and support for individuals to continue in their recovery journey and transform into the best version of themselves.


We are always on the lookout for great volunteers.

When you volunteer it gives you the opportunity to connect to your community and make a difference.
Helping others can make you feel happier and healthier and provides a natural sense of accomplishment.

News and Events

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Awareness Month

Join the Campaign to Spread Awareness and End the Stigma for those who suffer from Substance Use Disorder.

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. It reminds us that mental health is essential and that those living with mental health issues are deserving of care, understanding, compassion, and pathways to hope, healing, recovery, and fulfillment.

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Stages of Transformations 2024 Summer Family Picnic

Stages of Transformations 2024 Summer Family Picnic

Spring has arrived and that means that Summer is just around the corner. We are excited to share the details for our 2024 Summer Family Picnic. We are changing things up this year and hosting our Summer Fundraising Event at Stages. Come and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon at our beautiful Resource Center. This is a wonderful opportunity to see first-hand how your contributions are supporting those in the recovery community!

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2024 Health and Wellness Fair 

2024 Health and Wellness Fair 

Stop by and see us, Thursday, April 11th, from 12:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. at the Health and Wellness Fair at McHenry County College. Stages of Transformation will be one of the many informational booths this year!

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