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Start each day with a Grateful Heart

Jul 11, 2022

I remind myself of that saying every day, but the words “Grateful Heart” today have a very special meaning. Today my heart is extremely grateful for another day. Today is a blessing and a celebration, today is Bryan’s 5-year anniversary of Sobriety!!

When someone you love suffers from “Substance Use Disorder” the words “Grateful Heart” has a very different and more profound meaning.

I am grateful for your strength, I am grateful for your commitment to yourself, I am grateful for the 12-steps, I am grateful for your smile, I am grateful for your laughter, I am grateful to see the love you have in your heart for others, I am grateful to continue to learn from you, and I am grateful for the opportunity to walk side by side with you and help others!

Your life’s journey has changed me and continues to inspire me daily. So, on this day, I started my day with an Extremely Grateful Heart.

Love you dearly!!

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