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Lunch and Learn Session – Mental Health Awareness

May 18, 2023

A special thank you to Debbie Mueller, Alana Fuchs and Jennifer Henderson for their assistance in organizing and setting up our Lunch and Learn Session. We received great feedback from those who attended and there wasn’t an empty seat in the room!  

Mental Health Awareness Month reminds us that mental health is essential and that those living with mental health issues are deserving of care, understanding, compassion, and pathways to hope, healing, recovery, and fulfillment. It’s not too late to schedule a Lunch and Learn Session in support of your company’s wellness program. Any month is a great month to support your employees Mental Health! 

Our GOAL is to raise $10,000 over the next 4 weeks to support the construction and start-up costs for our Programs and Services Opening the end of May, or early June. 

Help us Help Others!! Join the Campaign to Spread Awareness, Break the Silence and End the Stigma surrounding Mental Health Issues. Help us Spread Awareness and End the Stigma for those who suffer from substance use disorder. We are so grateful to everyone who supports our Mission, and we know that this is a BIG ASK for the much-needed support in our community. Please donate today and help spread the word by sharing this post. No matter the amount, all is greatly appreciated! 

You’re making a difference!  

Thank you for your generosity – Click on the link below to make your donation on our website 

Stay tuned for more pictures and Grand Opening date!! 

Many thanks from all of us at Stages of Transformation, 

Colleen, Bryan, Tyler, Makenna & Joyce 

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