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Grateful and excited to announce…

Dec 21, 2021

As the end of 2021 is quickly approaching, we wanted to thank all our supporters for their generous contributions to Stages of Transformation this year. We are pleased to share with everyone what your support and generosity has enabled us to do in the upcoming year. Although we are unable to purchase a sober living home at this time, we have begun the process of locating a rental property so we can begin to service our community. This space will make it possible for us to provide the support and guidance needed to those in recovery. This is a very exciting next step for us, and we look forward to announcing the location to everyone very soon.  

We are in need of additional support and guidance of mentors, please take a look at our mentor page for more information on how you can help and make a difference.

We look forward to inviting everyone to an open house. 

May your Holidays be Merry and Bright from all of us at Stages of Transformation, Inc.  

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