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Butterfly Chirstmas Trees

Dec 6, 2021

I was inspired by my beautiful daughter-in-law Alana Fuchs to create a Stages of Transformations Butterfly Christmas Tree. Alana decorated what used to be my mother’s Christmas tree for our Fundraiser and Fall Gala Celebration that was held in October. The tree was used as decoration for one of the auction items. It was a tabletop prelit tree and the lights no longer worked. I was absolutely amazed to see how Alana transformed this tree into a beautiful twinkling display. People who attended the event wanted to know if the tree was part of the auction or just for decoration. When we shared it was just part of the display they wanted to know if they could purchase the tree. Needless to say, a great idea for next year’s event! Thank you, Alana, for creating such a beautiful tree and inspiring me to create a tree of my own. Look how beautiful my Stages of Transformation Butterfly Christmas Tree turned out. I must say it is defiantly my favorite tree in our house this year. It might even have to stay up year-round.  

Happy Holidays to everyone and happy decorating.

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