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7/11/2021: Celebrating 4 years of sobriety!

Jul 19, 2021

Today is a day filled with gratitude and blessings. My heart is full of love for today, and as I look to tomorrow, the hope and joy of what the future will bring.

Although I don’t walk in your shoes, I have felt the pain in your steps when you struggled, and now feel the joy in your steps as you love the life you are living.

Your heart is full of love and joy of all that surrounds you. You bring your shining light everywhere you go, and your aura shines brightly around you. When I see you smile, I see the little boy, kind, sweet and gentle who loves kindly every day.

As you continue to create and walk down the path of your destiny, know that you are dearly loved and supported every step of your journey!!

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